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Monday, May 26, 2008

Last week's fishing trip-

Was a terrific vacation and respite from every day efforts. As you might remember, I received a late notice invite from my buddy Kenny to go along on his annual fishing trip with Jim, the "other Grandpa", should their two married children ever decide to procreate. Jim's an avid fisherman and has a boat, while Kenny has a camper, so their's is a match made in fishing heaven and this year the regular "third guy" couldn't participate, so I was asked if I wanted to tag along. I am so glad I was asked and was able to go fishing with these guys!

You can read Kenny's version of the trip here and see some of the pictures that Kenny took of the scenery and fish we caught.

I have to say it was nearly a perfect weekend of fishing with two great guys. The weather cooperated perfectly, the fish were biting (some of the time) and we had a great time in the boat and in the campsite and camper. We all brought food and pitched in with meal preparation though since we were all guys, the food was pretty easy stuff to heat and eat. There was plenty though and we never went hungry.

Flaming Gorge is a beautiful place with dramatic rock cliffs of differing colors and shapes. Because of the nature of the reservoir, many places the water is 60-100 feet deep just a few yards from shore but in other places there are large beaches and shallow water. The sightseeing from the boat was almost as enjoyable as the fishing and since we did a lot of trolling for fish, there was time for lots of sitting back and enjoying the views and vistas.

One of the most fun parts of the weekend was showing Kenny and Jim how to catch rainbow trout using typical bass fishing techniques! During the first afternoon, while we were fishing by trolling along some huge red cliffs I decided to try to see just how close to the shore the fish might be by repeatedly casting a big, white tube jig against the rocks from the front of Jim's boat. I didn't know if I would catch any fish but I was a little bored of just sitting so it seemed like a good idea at the time. And I caught a really nice fish with this method! You should have seen the look on Kenny's face, it was hilarious! He was sure it was a fluke that a trout would try to eat this 3" tube jig but he did and I repeated the scene the following day just off the dock while Kenny went to get the truck and trailer at the end of the day.

On Sunday, when we only had a couple hours to fish before having to break camp to return home, we returned to the same cliffs. After getting nearly skunked trolling, Kenny talked Jim into moving the boat right up against the rocks and they both then tried my method of casting a white jig right against the rocks and they both caught fish! For a while we were able to actually see trout in 12-15 feet of water attacking the jigs we tossed in front of them! It was really exciting fishing and everyone hated having to quit when it was time to head back to the boat launch for the last time.

So, it was a terrific weekend and I hope I behaved myself well enough to get invited back next year. Here's some pictures from the trip and don't miss the pictures at Kenny's post.

Here's the welcoming committee at the boat launch-

These fish come right back to the boat launch area because that's where they were originally put into the lake, so when its spawning time, they come back to the same place. There were quite a lot of fishermen trying their luck from the banks and some of the fish did actually succumb to their efforts and got taken out of the water. It was pretty remarkable to see them just under the boat as it was backed in though and certainly was an encouraging sight.

Here's Kung-Fu Kenny-

Antelope are everywhere in Lucerne, Utah and we had visitors to our cmpground nearly every morning. This one was just about 40 feet away from the camper when we woke up one morning.

I did mention the beautiful rock scenery and vistas, right? Here's proof-

As always, click the small pictures to see the full size pictures.

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